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Diesel engine and high torque 16 seater minibus taxi from KINGSTAR

Traditional taxi with 4 passenger seats as main public transportation vehicle is usually for private going out, 16 seater minibus taxi as group travel or going out vehicle getting more and more popular. Especially in the rental company or in the airport as a shuttle minibus.

What is taxi?

A taxi normally refers to temporary employment, often charged by the mile or by the hour.

a car used for temporary employment, often charged by the mile or by the hour. In Taiwan, they are called “taximeter”; in Hunan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, they are called “taxi”; The calling is different in Singapore and Malaysia.

The origin of taxi

In the early 18th century, if a wealthy Englishman wanted to go on a short trip, he would often hire a cabriolet. The word cabriolet comes from a French verb meaning “to leap”. In the 19th century, people began to use the shortened form of this word, “cab”, to refer to the large horse-drawn carriages specially used for renting in the city. This is why what we often say today is “catching a cab”.

Besides, the taxi at that time called “hackneys” or “hacks”, it is from French word of haquenee (horse). Till now, taxi drivers in many cities are still called “hackies”.

16 seater minibus taxi from KINGSTAR

This is a multiple body structure minibus of 16 seater capacity. We have two versions for your consideration, one is a high roof minibus and another is a semi-high roof minibus.

The interior of the 16 seater minibus taxi

Our standard new type dashboard mainly in gray color with fewer silver color decoration. It is simple but clear. The optional wood-grain dashboard is in gray color with fewer brown wood-grain decoration. It looks more alive and fashion compares with new type dashboard.

The specification of the 16 seater minibus taxi

This minibus taxi we called BG3, the dimension of the minibus is 5,053 * 1,700 * 2,240mm. The wheelbase of the minibus is 2,890mm. The max speed of the minibus is ≥115km per hour. The fuel tank capacity of the minibus is 70L. The maximum seating capacity is 16seats, the material of the seats is imitation leather. Driver & co-driver has 3- point seat belt; other passenger seats are with 2-point seat belt.

The engine of the 16 seater minibus taxi

Engine model: BJ493Q

Emission: Euro III.

The engine type of the minibus is 4 cylinders in line, diesel engine, turbocharger. The displacement of the minibus is 2.771L. The rated power of the minibus is 70/3600kw/rpm, the max torque of the minibus is 225/2300N.m/rpm.

The chassis of the 16 seater minibus taxi

16 seater minibus taxi



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