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Demand for NEW MINIVANS in Bolivia has immediately become very large

Since Bolivia banned the import of second-hand cars in 2016, the demand for NEW MINIVANS in Bolivia has immediately become very large. Since then, various Chinese brands of NEW MINIVANS have flooded the local market like a tide.


In less than a year, various Chinese brands of MINIVANS can be seen everywhere in its capital, La Paz.


We at KINGSTAR also seized this opportunity, found a suitable agent. And started exporting NEW MINIVANS to the local area one after another. The first batch of 20 units arrived in the local market. And the consumers actually used them, they felt the affordable price and high-quality quality. Therefore our NEW MINIVANS was very popular. The number of orders began to increase, from 20 units per month. Then slowly becoming 30 units, and then increasing to 50 units. With the continuous increase in sales, our brand awareness continues to rise.


According to local road conditions and actual usage, we continue to make improvements to the MINIVANS and minibus. If the local altitude is high and there are many slopes, we will increase the speed ratio of the rear axle, so that our NEW MINIVANS climbs harder. And this car also For urban and rural buses, we have installed luggage racks on the roof to facilitate the loading of passengers’ luggage, and also installed curtains to give passengers a more comfortable feeling.

As sales continue to increase, local maintenance of vehicles has also become very important. We also sent engineers to the local area to do vehicle maintenance training for customers. Further, strengthen the trust of consumers in our products and services.



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