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Cooperative Research for Bus, Including 10 Seater Minibus from One of the Biggest Car Manufacturers

On the morning of February 23, the branch leaders of China Post Group Co., Ltd. visited our factory to investigate for bus, including the 10 seater minibus.

During the investigation, they first visited the four major workshops of the car factory. Then watched 400 after-sales platforms, including 10 seater minibus. The deputy general manager of the automobile business department gave a detailed introduction to production technology. Moreover the real-time monitoring of after-sales vehicles, including 10 seater minibus. Afterward, the group came to the conference room on the second floor, watched our factory’s promotional video, and held a symposium.

10 seater minibus

At the meeting, Post President Dai first gave a comprehensive introduction to the company’s basic situation.

The presentation is around the main features, main business, and resource advantages. The deputy general manager of the automobile business department gave an overall introduction to our factory. It includes a 10 seater minibus, based on industry characteristics and development trends. The executive vice president of the group put forward constructive opinions on issues. Such as relying on postal business outlets for publicity, breaking barriers, and opening up new sales channels. In a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, the two sides reached a consensus on many issues for in-depth cooperation in the next step.

10 seater minibus

The post and our factory have always maintained a good business cooperation relationship. Through our factory’s sales platform, the postal service can fully expand the business development, car insurance, and car owner communication. Our factory can rely on postal business outlets. Such as media platforms and other media to carry out market promotion and publicity, organize mini-cars. Also like 10 seater minibus exhibition, car owner marketing, and other activities to continuously increase car sales.

It is reported that the purpose of this investigation is to further consolidate and enhance the brand influence, popularity, and sales performance of the partners. So that to fully share superior resources, broaden the main business development channels in an all-around way.  Furthermore, establish closer business cooperation in mini vehicles. This includes a 10 seater minibus Relationship in order to achieve the purpose of complementing each other’s advantages and achieving mutual benefit. Finally, reach the win-win results.



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