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With the rapid development of the automobile industry, more and more vehicles appeared in the sight of people. Traditional taxis with 5 seats can not meet the requirements of group activities. People want more seats like minibus taxi, it can fit the group that above 7 people but within 23 passengers. Today I am going to share my local minibus taxi service and the structure of the local minibus taxi with you. Such as the exterior, interior, and specification of the minibus taxi.

My local minibus taxi service

With the rapid technology development in China. We could have the meal on the table with a call or APP. APP is a great invention. Here in China, we could have the meal, fruits, daily groceries, medicine, coffee, pizza, everything that you can imagine with the only operation on the APP of your phone. Of course, including the local minibus taxi service. In China, we have a special APP for transportation. You may reserve the minibus taxi from the APP with the required seats, time, and destination online. Very soon, a related driver will contact you and pick you up at the reserved location. And from the APP, you can clearly see where is the driver? How long will pick you up? How’s the route he’s driving? It is very convenient for us to use this APP and this local minibus taxi service.

The exterior of the local minibus taxi

For this minibus taxi, we have two front faces for selection for both 5.4 meters and 5.99-meter models. We have two faces, face that with front fog lamp and an optional face that without a front fog lamp for the minibus with the diesel engine. We also have various colors for your choice.

local minibus taxi
The interior of the local minibus taxi

The first look of the interior is tidy, simple, and classic. Most in black color and little bit silver color for decoration.  

local minibus taxi
The specification of the minibus taxi

Our model BG6-X is a left-hand driving minibus, our standard seating capacity is 20seats including the driver seat. The seats could be from 18seats to 20seats, the material of the seat is imitation leather. The overall dimension of the minibus is 5,995 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,720mm. For this model, we have two diesel for your choice. Our maximum power is 110KW/3400rpm. The max torque of the minibus is 370N.m/1800rpm. We have an emission of Euro 3 and Euro 5 to meet different countries’ standards. The max speed of the minibus taxi is ≥ 100km per hour. The fuel tank capacity of the minibus taxi is 70L.

The chassis of the minibus taxi

Except for this minibus taxi, we also have a lot of other models. You may visit our special minibus website and send us your inquiry. Our sales team will get back to you within 24hours.



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