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How about the situation of Chinese electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus in European markets?

Driven by the EU’s green transformation policy, the European new energy vehicle market is growing against the trend. It provides a good opportunity for the development of Chinese brand electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus.  Per analysis, China’s electric passenger cars are still in the position of chaser in the European market, with the further deepening of the overseas layout of Chinese car companies. However, China’s electric cars are expected to maintain a sustained growth trend in the European market.

24 seater minibus

Per the European Electric Vehicle Market Report recently released by German professional automobile organization Schmidt Automotive Research Company, the total sales volume of Chinese electric passenger cars manufacturer brand in 18 major automobile markets in Europe will reach 23,836 in 2020. It is an increase of more than 13 times compared with the same period in 2019. Moreover, the market share will reach 3.3%, indicating that Chinese electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus are experiencing a rapid development period in the European market.

1. The sales growth momentum for electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus is rapid and the market recognition is constantly improving.

In recent years, China’s major electric vehicle manufacturers have stepped up efforts to explore overseas markets. Europe has been an important target market.  Ai Chi, a brand of new energy vehicles, is the first Chinese brand to obtain EU vehicle certification.  At the beginning of this year, Chinese electric vehicle start-up companies officially announced their entry into the European market. They plan to launch a number of new electric vehicles in the near future.  Furthermore, many Chinese automobile brands will focus on deepening the European market as their next business development.

Stephen Brazel, head of the German Automobile Management Center, said that Chinese brands are very competitive in the field of electric vehicles. This is not only reflecting in the price, but also in innovation and vehicle technology.  “China is developing rapidly in the field of electric vehicles. It can be expected that more and more Chinese brand electric vehicles will be recognized by the European market in the future. “

2. Service quality for electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus. It needs to be improved urgently and technological innovation still needs to be strengthened.

China’s electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus are experiencing rapid development in the European market. While they still face considerable challenges, especially compared with the major automobile manufacturers in Europe and America.  Per statistics, the three brands with the largest sales volume of electric vehicles in major automobile markets in Western Europe are Volkswagen, Renault Nissan, and Tesla, with sales volume approaching or exceeding 100,000 vehicles in 2020.

Schmidt said that compared with the local traditional automobile manufacturers who are familiar with the European market. The first thing that Chinese electric vehicle enterprises, including produce 24 seater minibus need to cross is the standard threshold.  Compared with other parts of the world, the European market has more stringent regulatory standards for the new energy automobile industry.  In the next stage, the EU will continue to introduce stricter industry standards. It including legislation on important standards. Such as carbon emissions and battery recycling rate in the whole life cycle of electric vehicles. This will bring new challenges to foreign enterprises including Chinese brands. 

Brazel believes that market awareness is also an important obstacle for Chinese brands to enter the European market.

“European consumers have higher loyalty to brands which requires Chinese companies to improve brand trust and recognition by further improving services on the basis of accurately grasping market demand.” 

Schmidt suggested that at the initial stage of entering the European market, Chinese electric vehicle enterprises. It including produce 24 seater minibus can consider seeking closer cooperation with local European manufacturers through joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions on the basis of independent development. Such as promoting supply chain localization and sharing production lines. In this way, it can not only better adapt to local policies, regulations, and industry standards. However, also gain convenience and advantages in the construction of a service network. And launch a vehicle model that is more in line with the needs of local users.

Hope our Chinese electric vehicles, including 24 seater minibus can be more and more popular.



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