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KINGSTAR China Mini Bus Export Auto Company Assisted Peru Partner Fight Against the Epidemic

China mini bus enterprise-KINGSTAR mini bus has donated medical masks and other anti-epidemic materials to the Peru partners. In addition, KINGSTAR mini bus also shared its epidemic prevention experience in China’s public transport sector. In recent years, the fight against the epidemic is increasing seriously around the world. As an old friend of Peru, Kingstar will always stand with Peru people side by side.

Through the generous donation of KINGSTAR mini bus, the Peru people have felt the warmth of a responsible country.

When the epidemic broke out in Peru, KINGSTAR mini bus immediately prepared 20,000 face masks to help Peru fight the epidemic. It is reported that KINGSTAR mini bus has shared China’s epidemic prevention experience with Peru’s cooperating partners. Moreover, KINGSTAR China mini bus has also compiled related epidemic prevention manuals. At the same time, we added some technical epidemic prevention devices. After the outbreak of the epidemic, this helps Peru cooperate with partners and strengthen the epidemic prevention capacity of public transport. Furthermore, this provides a guarantee for road transport.

“With you, no mountain is too high, no sea is too wide. “

China-Peru friendship goes back to ancient times. KINGSTAR China mini bus has been making unremitting efforts in Peru for more than ten years. And, we have become the most trusted friend of the Peru partners.

With high-quality products, systematic and integrated solutions, and excellent services, KINGSTAR China mini bus is committing to providing a better public travel experience for people in Peru and all over the world. KINGSTAR China mini bus’s donation campaign will also carry out in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. And it will benefit more than 1 million people.

We pray that the epidemic will be over as soon as possible and that people’s lives and the economy of the world will return to normal. To this end, we will work hard and move forward hand in hand.

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