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Check The Possibilities And The Feature of 15 Seater Bus

Have you ever bothered by this kind of situation? The big family wants to go to a big event, but friends came to family and wanted to go together. As a result, the family car seats are not enough, so we needed a car with more seats. For families, we may meet this kind of situation less, the car with more seats like 15 seater bus is generally suitable for the company, carter company, or airport shuttle bus and so on. 15 seater bus is very practical for those small group people whom often go out together, just like the national sports team.

1. Company background

KINGSTAR is an automobile export company which established in 2004, the CEO of the company has over 30years experience in automobile export area. We also have a professional sales team whom can reply your requirements within 24 hours always. We have all kinds of automobile types, SUV, MVP, mini-bus.

2. Popular model introduction of 15 seater bus and 20 seater bus

Today I am going to show you one of the most popular models in overseas market, one is the model we called BG5-X 15 seater bus and another is BG6-X 20 seater.

a. The dimension and seat capacity of 15 seater bus

This 15 seater bus driving steering is left hand driving, the dimension of the bus is 5440*1880*2285mm which is a medium size minibus, the wheelbase is 3110mm, the seating capacity could be 15 to 17 seater bus.

b.The engine specification of 15 seater bus

The engine we used on this minibus is DK4B, fuel type is diesel, the displacement is 2.498L. The emission is Euro IV, the max speed is ≥120km/h, fuel tank capacity is 70L.

c. Chassis specification of this 15 seater bus

Chassis parameter on this 15 seater bus is quite good, clutch is single disk, hydraulic operation, the transmission is 5MT, and the rear axle is Shenyang rea axle. This minibus with independent suspension/leaf spring, wheel using on this minibus is aluminum wheel, tyre is 195R15C, the steering system is hydraulic power steering. The brake system is vacuum servo, hydraulic brake, front disc/rear drum, hand brake is standard grip brake, we also have ABS + EBD, for the accelerator control using on this 15 seater bus is electronic accelerator control. 

3. The exterior and interior of BG5-X minibus

a. Exterior of 15 seater bus

For this model, we have two faces for your selection, one is 5.4 meter and another is 5.99 meter model.

Our standard model is with front fog lamp which can assist you driving on stormy days, foggy day or rainy or snowing days and etc.

Below is the optional choice that without front fog lamp for the minibus with diesel engine.

You may choose your favorite one depends on your requirements.  

b. The interior of 15 seater bus

The advantage of this minibus is you can have passengers on one side and also could loading luggage at the same time. This will be the solid choice for airport shuttle bus and station bus.

4. The equipment of 15 seater bus

The dashboard we equipped on this 15 seater bus is luxury dashboard. Floor carpet is bamboo-board floor padding, with durable floor mat, side window glass is 2 sliding window on both sides, transparent glass, and window curtain already equipped on this minibus. We have standard type of rear bumper, for inner trim is luxury type, we have 4 doors on this minibus. Remote control door lock and power front window, for seat capacity, our standard is 17 seats (Including driver), material is artificial leather, you may change the seat capacity by your needs. Left and right sun visor also equipped on this 15 seater bus.

One of the most important is safety belt, all passenger seat with belt, driver and co-driver with 3-point belt, the other seat with 2-point seat belt. Our standard color of this minibus is white color, of course you may choose the color you want, we have black, gray, blue, yellow and etc. We also have a comfort equipment is MP3 with radio, you may enjoy the music with your passengers on the way journey. We also equipped color stripe, moulded step tread, high position brake lamp, rear defroster, reverse radar, indicator of driver safety belt and rear ground mirror.   

Above is the specification and equipment of BG5-X, now we are going to show you the model of BG6-X 18-20 seater minibus (5.99 meter)

5. The specification of BG6-X 18-20 seater minibus

If 15 seater bus is not enough but 30 seats is too much, this 20 seater minibus will be a good choice for you. There’s small difference of these two models, they belong to one series but with different seats capacity. Now let’s take a look at the detailed specifications of BG6-X 18-20 seats minibus.

a. The dimension and seats capacity of BG6-X 18-20 seater minibus

It is also a left hand driving minibus, the difference is the dimension of this minibus is 5995*1880*2285 which have more seats and bigger space, the wheelbase is 3720mm, standard seating capacity is 20 seats (Including driver), the material of the seat is imitation leather.

b. The engine of BG6-X 18-20 seater minibus

We have two engines for this model, one is DK5 and another is DK5B, fuel type is diesel for both engine, and the displacement is the same of 2.982L. For DK5 engine, the emission is Euro 3, for DK5B, the emission is Euro 5, the max speed of both are also the same of ≥100km/h.

c. The chassis of BG6-X 18-20 seater minibus

The clutch of BG6-X is single disk, hydraulic operation, the transmission is 5MT, rear axle is the same with BG5-X 15 seater bus, also with independent suspension spring. Tyre is 225R16C which is different from BG5-X minibus, aluminum wheel is equipped on this bus. For steering system, brake system, hand brake, ABS and accelerator control are the same with BG5-X minibus.

These two models are belongs to the medium size minibus, almost the same features on it.

If you didn’t see the parameter you want on above introduction, please feel free to contact with us for more detailed catalogue for reference. We will be glad to received your enquiry and reply you within 24hours.



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