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Check The Most Practical 17 Seater Minibus For Sale UK From KINGSTAR

1. Import and export status of UK

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs announced the first quarter import data of the UK on 12th May 2021. This report provides a detailed analysis of the UK’s import and export trade performance in the first quarter in terms of trade trends, UK trade with (non-) EU countries in March 2021.

Generally speaking, as the impact of COVID-19, the UK’s total exports fell 1.9% in the first quarter of 2021 compared with the same period of last year, while the total imports were 8.3% lower. Hope the COVID-19 could be controlled better this year, and all things get back to normal soon.

However, it is worth noticing that China and UK trade bucked the trend of growth in the first quarter of this year. China surpassed Germany to become the UK’s largest importer. We could expect to hit a new record this year.

17 Seater Minibus For Sale UK

2. The import and export in first-quarter performance of UK

Till March 2021, the present data show that the UK is a net importer, with imports exceeding exported by £7bn. Among this, UK goods exports total 34.9 billion pounds, up 8 billion pounds (around 30%) on the previous month and 6.4 billion pounds (22%) on the previous year. UK goods import total 41.9 billion pounds, up 70 billion pounds (around 20%) on the previous month and 4 billion pounds (0.9%) increased on the previous year.

The UK’s trade with EU / non-EU countries in March 2021 is shown in the chart below. Exports to non-EU countries were up 36% on the previous month, while imports to EU countries were up 24% on the previous month.

Overall, the UK’s top five importers are China, Germany, the US, the Netherlands, and Belgium. According to the detailed data, China accounted for 13% of the total value of goods imported to the UK which ranked to top one. Germany accounted for 12% of the total value ranked in the top two. UK’s imports of goods from China rose sharply this year. From 5.5% in March last year to 13% in March this year.

Meanwhile, UK’s import from China has risen from fourth place in 2020 to top one this year, making China become the biggest import trading partner. In fact, UK imports from China grew strongly throughout the first quarter. In the three months till March 2021, UK imports from China reached 15.21 billion pounds, up 62% on the same period of last year

3. The analysis from different industries

By sector, China was one of the top five commodity exporters to the UK in 2021. In March 2021, UK imported 1.246 billion pounds of machinery products (includes machine and automobile products) from China. China is also a major exporter of electronic equipment to the UK at the same time. Increasing by 77% to 362 million pounds in March 2020 compared with the same period of last year. Besides, China is also a major source of chemical imports to the UK. Although imports from China fell by 130 million pounds (21%) in March compared with February.  

During the period of COVID-19, UK also imported a large number of anti-epidemic materials from China. For example, the UK government spent over 1.3 billion pounds on the large-scale purchase of free testing kits for all citizens. Which were made by Chinese companies. Meanwhile, the UK government and companies have also bought masks and other anti-epidemic supplies from China.

4. The good trend of automobile export

The global economy and citizens have influenced by COVID-19 in 2020. Things getting better step by step in 2021, hope we could hug each other like before soon. As we have mentioned above, China ranked the top one to export goods to the UK. This is a good sign of cooperation, especially in the automobile industry. Now let’s check some of the hot sale models sold in the UK.

4.1 The introduction of 17 seater minibus for sale UK from KINGSTAR

This 17 seater minibus for sale UK has to lead the trend of global multi-purpose commercial vehicles market. The slogan of the minibus is “get comfortable with a new way of thinking”! This model we called J6 minibus. The minibus with more capacious space, a fire-new appearance, rational structure, reliable safety, and human-oriented design. We have two lengths of the minibusses, the 5.4m minibus is with 14 – 16 seat capacity; the 6m minibus is with 16 – 20 seat capacity.

17 Seater Minibus For Sale UK
4.2 The engine of the minibuses

We have two engines for these minibusses, one is a gasoline engine, another is a diesel engine. Below detailed engine parameter for your review.     


17 Seater Minibus For Sale UK
4.3 The color of the minibus

We have various colors for your consideration.

17 Seater Minibus For Sale UK

5. The background of KINGSTAR

We are a professional automobile export company in China. We KINGSTAR was established in 2004. In the past 18 years, we have exported different automobiles to 90 different countries and regions. Our main range of vehicles are minibus with 7 to 23 seats, city bus, coach buses with 24 to 56 seats, trucks, pickups, SUV, MPV, electric cars, electric minibus, electric cargo van, etc., We could also accept OEM service.

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.



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