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Cargo van usually with backside size of 2 meters in length, 1.2 meters in width and 1.2meters in height. Normally space is around 2.5 cubic meters. Because the height is 1.2 meters limited. Therefore, if a refrigerator is over 1.2meter height, it cannot use it to carry and transfer.

cargo van

How the goods packed and placed into the cargo van and how many things can be carried in it? Let’s take a look at the following pictures. It about carries 9 pieces of the 1-meter big pack bag. Placing rules are generally in front can be put vertically 6, behind can be put horizontally 3, divided into two rows and two layers placed.

Nowadays many brand minibus and car factories are trying to cost down and make their price more acceptable for everyone. Minibus price and car price in some cases, price is very near.

If 7000USD cost can buy a cargo van or a car. Which one you would like to choose? Let’s take a look at the following pictures. What are the disadvantage and advantages, and differences of these two types?

cargo van

1. Simply speaking, one is the car, one is the cargo van. Totally different types.

As in past, in everyone’s mind. Cargo van is with big space and cheap. While the car is small but expensive. Is it quite hard to accept cars for some people? Therefore, many self-owned brands down the price of the car to 7000USD. You can buy a car at a low price. Do you still feel short-changed? But there are some people who have difficulty making choices. With the same price 7000USD, which one to choose is better? A cargo van can easily carry 500KG, a car can only take 5 people to say 350KG. Moreover, the space of a car is much smaller and it fuel consumption is also higher. A 2L discharge capacity car is not better than a 1.2L van. Of course, from this aspect, a cargo van is better. If we install the engine of a cargo van to a car, will the car loading capacity is better than a van? 

2. Why does a cargo van have better energy but with lower fuel consumption?

a. Firstly of all, because its own weight is smaller

A whole cargo van weight is around 1100KG, while a car’s whole weight is around 1300KG. A car is normally 200KG heavier. 200KG is about 3 people’s weight. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the cargo van is carrying more than the car.

b. Gearbox speed ratio is small

Those who ride a variable speed bicycle know that t’s easy to step uphill with a low gear. Because the low gear ratio is smaller but the car goes slower. In fact, the power of a van is not greater than that of a car. But the gearbox speed ratio is smaller.

With the same gear, cargo vans have more torque but are much slower than cars.

3. The cargo van tire resistance is smaller than the car.

The design of the car is more focusing on safety and controllability. Therefore, so the tires are required to have strong grip power. Therefore, its tire rolling resistance is with high fuel consumption. While opposite cases in the cargo van. Cargo van must be economic and with low fuel consumption, Therefore, the design of the tire is normally comparatively narrow. The result is the rolling resistance is comparatively small. Moreover, the speed is low and air resistance is small. So the natural result is saving the cost of fuel.  If you change a van with the tire of a car and run it with 120 speed. High fuel consumption must make you cry!

Why we say 7000USD to buy a car is not a loss?

1. The safety of a car is higher.

The road condition is good and the speed is high and safety is particularly important. Because the body structure of the car is much more material, so a car is heavier. Therefore, the car body deformation resistance ability is stronger than the cargo van.

Secondly, the car has a strong grip and the corresponding control is better than the cargo van.

2. The good comfort experience of the car is better.

The rear suspension of a cargo van is usually a plate spring. The tires are hard and the slightest vibration is transmitted to the car. While, in a car, soft or air springs are usually used no matter the chassis is independent or non-independent suspension. This helps filters out most of the vibration of the road surface. Therefore, in a car, there is not much vibration in the body.

3. The car always has richer configurations than the cargo van.  

The car basically uses the configuration all can use; While cargo can take into account the economy and practicality of the province. Comparatively speaking, a van cannot reach the rich configuration as a car both in the interior and the electronics. 

4. The process cost of a car is higher than a cargo van.  

The structure and surface of the car are more complicated. Thus, the process requirements are higher. The workmanship of a van is far less elaborate than that of a car. Don’t think that just because someone makes trucks, they can make cars.

Car or cargo van? Which would you like to choose with 7000USD cost?

The answer is:  If it is often run high speed, Safety and comfort is the first element. Let’s take a car. If you do a small business often run the site, factory. Economy and practicality are kings, the van is the first choice!

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