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Experienced Car Manufacturer Can Have Fully Support For Your Market

As a car manufacturer, you need to keep the quality standard of existing vehicle models. And constantly innovate new models as well.

The newly updated motor van has won great appraisal

In order to solve the problem of automatic separation of locks; and automatic opening of cargo doors on both sides of the box van during driving. Our car manufacturer organized a special project meeting of the new van; and arranged special technicians to develop and optimize the data of the cargo van.  

Car Manufacturer

After the first review and optimization, the “wing-opening” cargo van has successfully assembled in the mechanical department in early November. Recently, the Automotive Research Institute led the evaluation work and completed it very well. All agreed that: The sample of the new model fully meets the functional requirements of the “win-opening” van. It totally meets the standard sample in structural design. Especially the left, right side, and black doors are more flexible when turning up. The sealing rubber strip on both sides of the van box body has a better cushioning and damping effect than before. And of course, the sealing performance improved a lot. The hinge design of the lower plate solved the defect of the thin fixed edge plate, and this received unanimous praise from the evaluation work team.    

Innovation requires persistence.

We should highly take our responsibilities for our work and the tireless persuing of working standards. Our car manufacturer is playing a more important role in the continuous persuing of excellence through rigorous and solid work style.

In our car manufacturer, we have our own Research and Development Department and our professional technical team working together. We insist quality comes first. On one hand, great quality products bring customer’s safety. On the other hand, the competitive price-making clients could have a great marketing competition. Of course, except these, we also have our professional sales team to support our clients always. Around 80% staff in sales department work over 15 years working experience in our company. If you are interested in our car manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.



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