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Broad Market for Minibus, But Do You Know Minibus Meaning?

What is a minibus?

Minibus meaning there are no prominent engine compartments and luggage compartments at the front and rear.  It is a general term for vehicles like bread.

minibus meaning

The origin of minibus

The first minibus in China was imported from Japan in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  It was a model that did not exist in mainland China before.  Everyone thinks it is very similar to the bread on the market at that time, plus there is no prominent warehouse body before and after.  Like the reduced bus, the pronunciation of “Minibus” is similar to “bread”, so it was given the nickname of “minibus”.  At that time, the minibusses in mainland China were not as colorful as they are today, mostly in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped.

With the continuous development of society, the upgrading of minibusses has never stopped. The appearance of the minibus has been fully optimized, and the performance of the car has also been improved.  When choosing a vehicle, the car owner will also take factors such as the model into consideration.  Since the role of minibusses is still quite obvious now, some companies will purchase minibusses as a means of transportation.  Today, the minibus meaning is broad, we will wait and see how it will develop in the future.

After getting minibus meaning, let’s know the classifications of the minibus.  Usually, it is categorized by function and number of seats.

Classifications of the minibus

1. 6~8 seat type

This is the most common minibus meaning. It is used for general passenger or cargo transportation. You only need a C1 driver’s license to drive.

2. 9~12 seat type

Traffic laws require that the student shuttle bus must be a vehicle with 9 seats or more, so it is often used as a student shuttle bus, station wagon or commercial vehicle.  This type of minibus requires a B1 driver’s license to drive.

3. Over 13 seats

This kind of minibus meaning is special because its function is somewhat close to that of a passenger car.  Used to transport more passengers or goods. In addition, it can also be converted into an RV.  For families who want to buy an RV but the economic conditions are not particularly wealthy, modification is undoubtedly the best choice.

Business type

Commercial minibus meaning can be said to integrate the characteristics of the two models of minibus and commercial vehicles, but they are still more focused on minibusses in terms of appearance and use.  Compared with the traditional minibuses, the business type looks more formal and commercial.

There are many types of minibusses.  Furthermore, it is economical and practical and can be widely used in many industries.  We have different minibusses meaning which seat capacity is from 2 to 28 seats.  Please check our website https://www.mini-bus.com.cn/ for more information.  Feel free to contact us if any questions.



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