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Brief introduction of Minivan camper

Do you know Recreational Vehicle, such as minivan camper?

Recreational Vehicle (Recreational Vehicle), such as minivan camper is a special type of vehicle that has both functions of house and car. It is a mobile vehicle with basic facilities necessary for home use.

Minivan camper

A RV, such as minivan camper or a minibus, has furniture and appliances such as bedding, refrigerator, cabinet air-conditioning, TV, audio, etc. There are driving area, living area, bedroom area, kitchen area, etc. It is a collection of “clothing, food, housing, and transportation” All-in-one fashion product.

Minivan camper

1. Application of minivan camper:

RV, “RV”, the full English name is Recreational Vehicle or RV for short. Rving, touring car.

Travel with an RV, such as a minivan camper, park at will on beaches, lakeshores, grasslands, hillsides, forests far away from the city. And at the same time have an urban lifestyle: cook delicious meals by yourself, take a hot bath. Also can sleep softly and comfortably Bed, watch TV, listen to music, play DVDs, etc.

Traveling in an RV, such as a minivan camper, you can sleep comfortably on the bed or sofa when you are tired. Motorhomes, such as minivan campers, are with multiple power supply systems. They can supply electricity throughout the day whether they are driving or staying. Traveling by RV can go and stop at any time, allowing you to fully enjoy the joy of RV camping.

Minivan camper

The RV is the same as the reduced version of the house. There are two types: self-propel and trailer-mount. Self-propelled RVs, such as minivan campers, can be divided into self-propelled A-type, B-type, and C-type. Trailer-type RVs can be divided into two types. For trailer type A, B, C, D, mobile villas, RVs generally have bedrooms, toilets with toilets, washstands, bathtubs, living rooms, and open kitchens. There are large windows on both sides of the living room. This is convenient for enjoying the scenery on the road anytime and anywhere.

Ineterior of minivan camper

The floor is covered with light yellow carpet, and the inner wall of the creamy yellow soft bag is also with logs. It really has a taste of home. The “house” is also with air conditioners, LCD TVs, VCDs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, gas stoves, water heaters, and other electrical appliances. The start-up of electrical appliances is completely dependent on the AC generator to provide power. And when there is an external power source, it is replaced by an external power source. At the same time, the car is also with many safety facilities. Such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) detectors, CO alarms, smoke alarms, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, seat belts, etc. It can be said that although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs.

Everyone generally regards the 1999 New Year’s Eve movie “See You or Leave” as a symbol of the emergence of Chinese RVs. As of 2009, RVs have been in China for 10 years. There are 10,000 RVs, including minivan camper in China. There are about 20 or 30 manufacturers of RVs, including minivan camper in China. Most of the products are exported to European and American countries. Domestic sales accounted for only a small part of it.

The feature of minivan camper:

One of the hallmarks of modern motorhomes is luxury and comfort, but its rudiment is the Gypsy caravan. In Europe, the motorhome is called a caravan, which means caravan. At the end of World War I, the Americans added tents, beds, and kitchen equipment to family cars. In 1920, some people added simple wooden furniture to the T-shaped chassis.

By 1930, RVs, such as minivan camper, used the structural design of airplanes and installed comfortable beds, convenient kitchens, and power and water supply systems on the cars. After World War II, the well-developed highway system in the United States led to the rapid development of the RV industry. By 1950, everything from small DIY-style to luxurious 30-foot-long trailers had matured. Between 1950 and 1960, many RV manufacturers started their businesses. With the application of aerodynamics to RV technology, new luxury RVs use turbo diesel engines and luxurious household items. In this way, RVs, including minivan camper, have gradually developed their own unique system from a modified car model.

Development status of China’s RV

The development status of China’s RV, including minivan camper: my country’s RV, including minivan camper, started in 2000. In 2007, my country had 1,550 RVs, including minivan camper, and in 2010 it reached more than 4,000. As of August 2011, my country’s RV, including minivan The number of campers is about 5,000. And the average annual growth rate of RV ownership in my country has exceeded 40% in the past four to five years. However, relative to my country’s car ownership of more than 70 million, the market for RVs is in its infancy. And its proportion is less than one ten thousandths.

There is still a long way to go between our country’s RVs and residents’ lives. They are mainly used for scientific research, exploration, film and television shooting, business reception and other activities.



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