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Best Value Minivan from KINGSTAR Y6 Electric Intelligent Driving

The best value minivan is from KINGSTAR Y6 electric intelligent driving. With great max torque and max speed, this vehicle is worth trying.

Intelligent driving

Intelligent driving is the future development direction of the global automobile industry.  The intelligent cars will be based on intelligent auxiliary technology. Integrating the development of autonomous and collaborative intelligent cars, and finally presented in the form of intelligent networked cars.

Our factory conforms to the market development frontier. To take the research and development of intelligent driving vehicles as a technical reserve. And starts a forward-looking pure electric intelligent driving prototype project. Now the successful research and development of intelligent driving prototypes will make up for the blank of our factory in the field of intelligent driving.

Best Value Minivan

The intelligent driving system

The prototype is built according to the requirements of the intelligent driving shuttle bus project planned by the headquarters. The intelligent driving prototype system mainly includes a radar system, sensing camera system, ranging radar system, and line control system. These systems enable the prototype to sense the environment around the vehicle. And control the steering and speed of the vehicle according to the road. The vehicle position and obstacle information is obtained by sensing; so that the vehicle can travel safely and reliably on the road.  KINGSTAR Y6 electric intelligent driving will be the best value minivan.

The development goal of a pure electric intelligent driving vehicle is to complete the intelligent driving prototype at the L4 level. This means to realize unmanned driving safely and reliably in a limited area. At present, the prototype has successfully achieved this goal through many tests. And the development of the intelligent driving project has opened up a road for our factory. To further realize the research, development, mass production, and operation of intelligent networked vehicles.

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