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The Best Hybrid Minivan from Our Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Judging from the history of the development of Chinese automobiles, in the early stages of development, many Chinese automobile factories introduced technologies from well-known foreign brands. Especially for Japanese brands, Chinese automakers have adopted the model of technical cooperation and capital joint ventures. And have established joint venture brands or established new auto brands, which has greatly promoted the development of Chinese automobiles. Based on this model and foundation, our minivan and minibus adopt American GM technology. And also adopts a management system to become the best BEST HYBRID MINIVAN in China.

Best hybrid minivan

The first batch of BEST HYBRID MINIVAN

Since 2000, our first batch of BEST HYBRID MINIVAN has been exported to Guatemala. Moreover, the market response has been particularly good and soon exported to many countries. Such as Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Bahamas, and other countries. Become a best-selling model for many years. Then in 2004, after the first batch was exported to Madagascar in Africa, it immediately became a local hot-selling brand. Then it was promoted to emerging markets such as Egypt and Ghana

Because of its good quality and good price/performance ratio, our BEST HYBRID MINIVAN has a good reputation in overseas markets. Also it is very popular among consumers.



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