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What do best car manufacturers do? They should have the best quality vehicles, great competitive price, professional team, and after-sales services and etc. KINGSTAR as one of the best car manufacturers, they have been demanding themselves with the above requirements.

As a professional automobile exporter, KINGSTAR products range covers Minibus; Minivan, Bus, Cargo Van, Truck, Pickup, SUV, MPV, EV (Electric vehicle); and Charging Stations for electric vehicles.

Due to the influence of the COVID-19, all enterprises in the world are in a tough time. The lucky thing is things getting better and better.

KINGSTAR Model EJ6 from the best car manufacturers has appeared in the capital city of China.

Beijing Daxing International Airport is the first miracle of the “Seven Wonders of the New World” that was rated by the UK. And our minibusses were officially put into operation on 25th September of the year. In view of the practical needs of airport passenger flow, traffic flow, and another complex environment. Our EJ6 pure electric commercial vehicles with good comfort, ultra-long-range, and excellent after-sales service, and other advantages of favor. Total 58units minibusses have officially begun to undertake the connection operation of the Daxing International Airport.

best car manufacturers

Daxing Airport Terminal is the largest single terminal in the world. With its unique design, exquisite construction technology, convenient transportation organization, and advanced technology application; it has created many of the “world’s greatest”. As a super-large integrated transportation hub for international aviation and a major national landmark project celebrating its 70th anniversary. The Daxing International Airport is positioned as a global aviation hub. Carrying the major historical mission of promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

KINGSTAR Model EJ6 Pure Electric Minibus from the best car manufacturers

As an intuitive element of the external image of the Daxing Airport. Our pure electric commercial vehicle, whether in terms of appearance level, space or configuration and function has good performance; The body adopts high tension special steel plate forming anti-roll skeleton structure; stable and safe, and can effectively reduce the noise and vibration when driving; The vehicle has an ergonomic seat, which has a stronger sense of coverage. And is more comfortable, creating a five-star mobile space for passengers in the designed details.

best car manufacturers

The main parameters of the pure electric minibus

The overall dimension of the pure electric minibus is 5,990 * 1,800 * 2,320mm; the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,720mm. Our standard is 16 seats, it could be from 16 to 18 seats depending on your needs.

For electric minibusses, the battery type and brand are very important. For this minibus, we are using an LFP battery and with the brand EVE which is the top battery brand. In one aspect, it could have great reliability, in another aspect, a great battery bring better performance and safety. For this minibus, we have slow charging of 6.6Kw on-board battery charger. The braking system of the minibus is the front disc rear drum, both ABS + EBD and vacuum booster system are available. The front is double-wishbone independent suspension and the rear is variable-rate leaf spring (five pcs).

Due to model upgrading, the actual parameters of the existing model may be different from the current parameters, and the specific parameters shall be subject to the catalog and price list from sales.



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