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What does autobus do?

Autobus refers to city buses, buses, or minibuses. It is a typical model of large and medium-sized buses. This is a commercial vehicle specially designed to solve transportation during urban and suburban cities.

Brief introduction of autobus

From the design and technical aspect, it is different from another big or medium-sized bus. Minibus equipped passenger seats and a channel for passengers to stand up. It requires big space, the passageway inside the carriage is wide with the entrance and exit, two or above doors, and a lower pedal.

Autobus from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter in China. In the past 18years, we have exported our products to over 90 countries and regions. And all of our products have been proved to be strongly marketable in the overseas market with good quality and competitive pricing.

This model W6 is an autobus with 19 to 21seats (including driver seat), it is an integral body structure bus. the overall dimension of the minibus is 5,995 * 2,098 * 2,940mm, the passenger room is 1,940 * 1,887mm. The wheelbase of the minibus is 3,310mm. The tread of the minibus is 1763 / 1580mm. The total weight of the minibus is 4,750kg, the curb weight of the autobus is 3,250kg.

The seats of the bus

We have three versions for your consideration. The PVC seats, bench seats, and luxury reclining seats with armrests. Below pictures for your reference.


The performance of the autobus

This is a diesel engine bus with 5MT transmission. The driving mode of the bus is FR, the minimum turning radius is 7.5m. The max speed of the minibus is 100km per hour. The minimum clearance of the minibus is 715mm, the grade-ability of the autobus is 16. 

The engine of the autobus

The type of the minibus is YC4Y22-13550, displacement of the bus is 2.2T. The max power of the bus is 100/3600 kw/r/min. The max torque of the bus is 300/(1600-2400) N.m/r/min. The emission standard of the bus is the Chinese emission standard at phase V (GB17691-2005), be equivalent to Euro V.

The braking system of the autobus

It is a front disc, rear drum air-operated brake system bus. ABS, rear automatic brake when brake system failed. It is a rack and pinion, hydraulic power steering. The tires using on this bus are 6.5R16LT 10PR rear dual tires. The fuel tank capacity is 70L.

For more detailed features of the autobus, please feel free to contact us.



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