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Innovation makes BG3 van from our autos factory last forever

BG3 12-16 seats minibus and cargo van from our autos factory are a classic in China’s automobile market.  With so many similar products, how bring more value to users?  Only innovation can last forever.

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Our autos factory won the first prize in the “New Energy Logistics Vehicle Intelligent Networked Terminal” project

A few days ago, we reported the outstanding achievements and outstanding organizational units of the “Five Small” Innovation Competition for Millions of Employees in 2021.

There are more than 47,000 enterprises in this activity. And more than 2.2 million employees signed up for the competition. And more than 550,000 declared items, among which 10 declared items of our autos factory won awards.

Among these award-winning projects, the project of “Intelligent Networked Terminal of New Energy Logistics Vehicles”. It won the first prize, is particularly eye-catching, and the model carrying this project is the BG3 cargo van.

Our autos factory is the first application of an intelligent networked terminal in the field of commercial logistics vehicles

With the rapid development of e-commerce, express delivery, and leasing industries, the market demand for optimized supervision of operating vehicles has increased, and the willingness to exchange data between personal terminals and driving vehicles has increased.

For this reason, our autos factory has developed a new energy intelligent network connection system based on new energy logistics vehicles. With the intelligent network connection terminal as the core, the platform, vehicles. Personal terminals can be effectively linked by wireless means. Vehicles can realize the safety supervision of enterprise platforms, optimized monitoring of operating platforms, interconnection of in-car vehicles. And remote control functions of mobile terminals, thus enhancing the driving experience and driving experience of people.

The main application scenarios include platform remote car locking, tablet computer car control, and mobile phone car control. At present, more than 700 units of BG3 new energy logistics models equipped with intelligent networked terminal systems have been listed and sold, and the system serves professional customers such as China Post, subway, and leasing.

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We have detail about the BG3 model from our autos factory, if you have any demand, please contact us at minibus_info@kingstar.com.cn.



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