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High increase for export of auto parts from all automotive parts suppliers

With the growth of automobile export, the export of automobile parts from all automotive parts suppliers also increases accordingly.

automotive parts suppliers

1. From January to September 2021, the export value of auto parts from all automotive parts suppliers in China was 36.11 billion US dollars.

According to China’s customs statistics, from January to September, the export value of auto spare parts in China was 36.11 billion US dollars, up 51.6% year on year (the same below).

Affected by the epidemic situation in COVID-19 and the deep adjustment of the international automobile market, the export of auto parts dropped by 39.5% in February 2020.

After that, the resumption of work and production accelerated, coupled with the unstable epidemic situation overseas (especially in the United States and Europe). A large number of overseas orders for auto parts were transferred to domestic production and export. Which rose to 5.27 billion US dollars in February this year, an increase of 152.2%. In March, China’s auto spare parts export reached 5.95 billion US dollars. An increase of 18.8%, and the quarter-on-quarter growth rate obviously narrowed. Exports continued to grow in the second quarter, with an average monthly growth rate of over 50%. In the third quarter, the growth rate dropped month by month. From July to September, the export volume of auto parts from all automotive parts suppliers increased by 33.4%, 30.6%, and 16.6% respectively.

2. Top six export destinations

In the same period, the top six export destinations of China’s auto parts are as follows. The United States (the export to the United States is 11.09 billion US dollars, up by 43.9%, the same below); Japan (US$ 4.28 billion, up 41.6%); South Korea (US$ 3.22 billion, down 5.9%); Mexico (US$ 3.09 billion, up 60.4%); Germany ($2.37 billion, up 51.4%) and Russia ($1.89 billion, up 55.5%).

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automotive parts suppliers



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