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Professional Customization Vehicles from Auto Trader for Minibus

We KINGSTAR is a professional auto trader since the year 2004. We have exported our products to over 90 countries and regions. Our products range covers Minibus, Minivan, Bus, Cargo Van, Truck, Pickup, SUV, MPV, EV (Electric vehicle), and customized vehicles. As a professional auto trader for minibus, we have customized police car, mail car, ambulance car, school bus and etc. We will show you some of our customized models today.

Firstly, the mail car from auto trader for minibus

Auto trader minibus

These two models of minibuses from auto trader for sale are 2 seats and 5 seats mail car. It was modified from our model VF4 and VF5 minibus. These two mail car with postal green color and has blind windows. The mail government transportation industry need these special mail cars normally.

Actually, except for the mail car, we have also customized our model VF4 and VF5 to cargo trucks, transport van, ambulances, prison van, patrol wagon, medical vehicles, hospital cars, executive enforcement vehicles, and radio cars. We could customize the special purpose vehicles according to our customer’s requests.

Secondly, the ambulance minibus from us

There are almost 200 years since the first ambulance appears. The technology of producing the ambulance and design of the ambulance become much better now. The exterior of the ambulance is always with light and alarm. It has the right of priority pass on the way when in an emergency. This right helps patients win over more time for life.

Among our clients, some of them required PTS ambulance and patient transport vehicles, some don’t. Whether you need it or not, we will have close communication with you and with your requirements to make the customized vehicle for you.

Auto trader minibus

Thirdly, the customized school bus from our auto trader for minibus

We have all kinds of minibuses that can be as a school buses. Below are our client’s customization minibus.

Auto trader minibus

Picture one the white and yellow color school bus was modified from our model BD6. However, picture two was modified from our model J5. It is worth mentioning that, this school bus has two different lengths of 5.4m and 5.99m. You could choose it depends on your needs of seat capacity. 5.4m standard seat is 13 seats, it could be from 13 to 16 seats. 5.99m school bus with standard seat of 16 seats, it could be from 16 to 20 seats depends on your needs.

We KINGSTAR as an auto trader minibuses specially for sale of all kinds of vehicles. We could not only modify the special purpose vehicles for you but also can make your logo depends on your needs.

Any customization, please feel free to contact your auto trader for minibus with your requirement.



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