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Auto foreign investment will be fully open in 2022, including top rated minivans

What’s the situation for China’s auto foreign investment, including top rated minivans?

On January 26, 2021, the State Council Information Office will hold a press conference to introduce the development of industry and informatization in 2020. According to Huang Libin, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau, in accordance with the unified deployment of the central government to further expand and open up, my country has canceled special vehicles and new energy vehicles, including top-rated minivans, in 2018.

top rated minivans

The restrictions on foreign ownership of commercial vehicles, including top rated minivans, will be canceled. In 2022, the restrictions on foreign ownership of passenger vehicles and the limitation of no more than two joint ventures will be abolished. By then, foreign investment in automobiles, including top-rated minivans, will be fully opened.

The renowned automotive companies promoting the improvement and upgrading

On the one hand, with the acceleration of the global automotive industry, including top rated minivans, the electrification transformation process. Its internationally renowned automotive companies continue to increase investment and cooperation in China. This effectively promoting the improvement and upgrading of my country’s supporting industrial chain and promoting technological progress. Promote employment and economic growth. Chinese enterprises are also in competition with international masters, improving their technical level, honing their competitive skills, and handing in a beautiful answer to the market.

Competition become more fierce

On the other hand, after the full liberalization of foreign investment restrictions, market competition will inevitably become more fierce. Moreover, enterprises with insufficient innovation capabilities and poor adaptability will face the risk of “out of the game”. Also, the process of mergers and reorganizations and the survival of the fittest may accelerate.

Huang Libin introduced that in the development of the automotive industry, including top rated minivans. We have always adhered to the principle of open development. It can be said that China is one of the most open automotive markets in the world. Almost all well-known international automobile group companies have established facilities in China. The joint venture, and obtained good returns and development.

Huang Libin said that the next step will be to adhere to the concept of global development and actively carry out exchanges. And the cooperation with relevant countries in areas such as R&D and design; trade and investment; standards and regulations; and jointly maintain the stability and smoothness of the supply chain of automobiles. It is including top-rated minivans, and guides industry enterprises to respond actively, Work hard on internal skills, develop advanced and applicable models, and enhance technological innovation capabilities. Innovation capabilities will also have a new development pattern.

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