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All Kinds of Great Vehicle of Max High Torque from KINGSTAR

What is the vehicle? Vehicle refers to the “car” and the unit of the car “vehicle” in general. The vehicle is a general name for all kinds of cars. For example minibus, minivan, truck, pickup, SUV and etc. They all belong to “vehicle”.

Definition of vehicle

A vehicle is a traffic tool with four wheels running on land. The so-called name of Chinese car, from the ancient car measurement methods. At the very beginning, vehicles refer to those vehicles without power, it was driven by the horse and called as a carriage. Sometimes pulled or pushed by person, so-called as the rickshaw. With the development of science and technology, there are cars that use steam engines to pull and so on. By this time the concept of the vehicle has been quietly changed to become a general term for all vehicles. For example, the number of vehicles in the city according to the statistics of the traffic management department, and the number of vehicle traffic accidents reported in the newspapers and periodicals. The “vehicle” here refers to all cars.

Vehicles classifications (According to the applications):

Normally can be divided into six categories according to the usage of the car:

① Minivan, also called MPV, the seats of the minivan normally below 9seats (including the driver seat).

② Minibus, also called passenger car, the seats above 9seats (including the driver seat), includes city bus, small urban city bus, tourist passenger car and etc.

③ Truck, mainly used for transport goods.

④ Tractor car, especially use for traction trailers or semi-trailers.

⑤ Special transport vehicle, according to the special requirements of the transport of goods design, there are special carriages and equipped with the corresponding auxiliary equipment of transport vehicles. Such as dump trucks, liquid tank cars, refrigerated cars, bulk cement cars, container cars, etc.

⑥ Special vehicles are mainly used to complete other tasks of the car. Such as ambulances, fire trucks, garbage trucks, sprinklers, and various engineering vehicles.

Take minibus as examples, let’s take a look at the minibus from KINGSTAR

This is a typical minibus that with 12seats, it is a left-hand driving minibus, and also we have right-hand driving. This model we called J4.

For the exterior of the minibus, we have two models of back door options, making you open it easily.


For the interior of the minibus, we have various seat arrangements for selection. 1st row with 4 seats, it also can be 1st row with 3seats.

The specification of the minibus

We have both engine and diesel engines for this minibus, the parameter is also different. The dimension of the minibus is 4,840 * 1,880 * 2,080mm. The wheelbase of the minibus is 2,570mm. Our standard seats is 7seats (the maximum could be 12seats). The capacity of the fuel tank is 70L. The clutch of the minibus is a single disc, hydraulic control. The transmission of the minibus is a manual 5 speed, flexible shaft control. The radial tires on this minibus are 195R15C. The braking system of the minibus is disc/drum, ABS + EBD, initiative vacuum booster also available. The suspension of the minibus is the front double-wishbone independent suspension/rear variable-rate leaf spring(three pcs).

If you are interested in this model, please feel free to contact us for the catalog and price list for it.  



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