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Kingstar Happy Travelling to Darong Moutain by 9 seater minibuses

In order to enrich the amateur life of KINGSTAR people, further enhance the spirit of teamwork, Kingstar decided to organize employees to take the 9 seater minibuses to Guangxi Darong Mountain for a two-day tour. Darong Mountain has beautiful scenery and is a national-level forest park with an area of more than a thousand square kilometers. It is named for its all-encompassing and broad mountain.

In the early morning of August 5, Kingstar team drove the 9 seater minibuses to Darong Mountain.

The 9 seater minibuses that KINGSTAR takes for traveling are similar to a passenger car in luxury type, very comfortable.

The body size of these 9 seater minibuses is 5915 x 2040x 2632 (high roof) mm. The minibus is equipped with a driving recorder, rear bumper with pedals, air conditioning, electric exterior mirrors, front door electric windows, central control door lock, DVD display in the middle of the console, GPS navigation, and reversing image system. ABS Anti-lock braking and EBD braking force distribution for this minibus enhance the linearity and sensitivity of the braking process.

The steering for these 9 seater minibuses adopts electronic power assist. It can adjust the steering force according to the load and the speed. At the same time, it also takes into account the lightness of heavy-duty steering and the accuracy of high-speed steering. Under the conditions of stop-and-go on mountain roads, it can reduce the labor intensity of the driver’s gear shifting operation for this minibus; and the rear wheels for this minibus are all made of aluminum alloy double tires.

Compared with the single tire configuration of similar 9 seater minibuses, double rear tires for this minibus makes the grip adhesion stronger and drive safer.

On the way, everyone sitting in the 9 seater minibuses laughed and sang. The 9 seater minibuses were driving on bumpy mountain roads. We felt like taking a roller coaster ride by this minibus. It was really exciting! The minibus drove on the winding mountain road for almost two hours, and finally, we reached the destination-Lianhua Pond. We stood on the top of the mountain, seemed to walk into a landscape painting. Wow…It’s beautiful! Looking down, the mountain road hovering among the green trees likes a dragon lying in the mountains.

KINGSTAR people dressed in the blue color uniform walking through the mountain stream like blue streamers.

In Darong Mountain, there are hundreds of cliffs and waterfalls and gurgling streams. KINGSTAR people dressed in the blue color uniform walking through the mountain stream like blue streamers. During the two-day tour, KINGSTAR took the minibus to watch the beautiful scenery. Such as pleasant Nine Waterfall Valley, Tianhu, Small Lotus Pond, Big Lotus Pond, Lotus Waterfall, and also played rafting. Everyone taking on the 9 seater minibuses feel relax in the beautiful scenery of nature. And have fun taking photos together to capture the most beautiful moments.

Traveling by minibus to Darong Moutain not only provides everyone with a chance to relax but also got the joy of harmonious team life while enjoying the beauty of nature. It brought a closer relationship between the KINGSTAR people, creating an atmosphere of unity and activity, and enhance the cohesion of the team!



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