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family minibus

Brief Introduction of 8 seater family minibus:

When looking up the definition of “8 seater family minibus” in the dictionary, it was said “a small bus or bus like a van with 8 seats”. It is a small bus, seating about 8 passengers and typically transporting people short distances. The family minibus is a covered vehicle, usually, a small truck or trailer, used for moving small furniture, goods, a small group of passengers, etc. It is a smaller boxlike vehicle that resembles a panel truck, often has double doors both at the rear and along the curbside, and that can be used as a truck, fitted with rows of seats, or equipped with living quarters for traveling and camping.

Alternate name of family minibus:

The alternate name of minibus: microbus, microvan, mini coach, light bus, small bus, small van, nidi bus, limo bus, van bus, bus van,

Classification of family minibus:

If we classify according to its function there are several names: shuttle family minibus, school family minibus, coach minibus, city minibus, travel minibus, party minibus, tourist minibus, team family minibus, family minibus panel truck, VIP family minibus, and so on.

family minibus
family minibus

The target customer of 8 seater minibus:

The target consumers of family minibus are self-employed and individual business and agricultural and livestock-raising business, etc.

family minibus

The highlights introduction of Family minibus-Kingstar VF4

8 seater minibus: “4 Highs and 1 New”5 Highlights.   

Exquisite sedan-oriented interior:

High load capacity;

High quality;

Highly cost-effective High efficiency and Low fuel-consumption;

All-brand new design and Generous business appearance with the long wheelbase and wide-body family minibus:

Integrated with business car design elements which are similar to famous brands business cars. The overall lines are curved, soft, modern, and generous.

The hawk eye-like headlamps with LED are bright and stylish.

  • Firstly, the Matte foil from “3M” enhances the up-market feeling.
  • Secondly, high efficiency LED stripes indicators to give a upper-class feeling.
  • Finally, the sedan-like door handles are practical and convenient to use.
family minibus
2). Kingstar VF4 8 seater minibus designed all-brand new Design Exquisite sedan-oriented interior
  • Two-tone interior with an application of environment-friendly materials improves comfort and class.
  • The intelligent and sensible interior layout caters to improved drivability and more ergonomic functional areas.
  • High efficiency and low fuel consumption;
  • The all-brand new 2-tone door panel is simplistic and of a nice appearance.
  • Intelligent electrical window openers are more convenient.
  • Double tube multi-functional instruments compromise a total of 23 important warning functions. There is an LCD screen display in the middle of those two instruments.
  • 3D floating console trimmed with a silver frame adds elegance and luxury.
  • Intelligent electrical window opener buttons on the front door bring convenience and practicality.
family minibus
3). Kingstar VF4 8 seater family minibus provides high efficiency and low fuel consumption:

Kingstar VF4 minibus adopts the advanced engine: the new 1.25 L VVT engine gives the best of worlds which reach gives great performance and low fuel consumption with high RPM and high power. 67 KW superpower exceeds another minibus of the same segment. The fuel consumption is a minimum of 7.0L/100KM. The efficient engine gives exceptional acceleration and at the same time economic fuel consumption with low RPM and High torque. The torque is 118 Nm at 2400 rpm, the output is up to 92%. This enables a higher payload and better take-off and acceleration.

a. Kingstar VF4 8 seater minibus shares with you the high load capacity via a highly strengthened chassis

a). The mature domestic chassis has been optimized and strengthened according to German standards, which results in overall improvement of safety and stability.

b). A strengthened structure comprising two long members and eleven cross beams results in a strong chassis. The maximum load capacity is 690KG.

family minibus
4). Enjoy high load capacity and spacious interior in Kingstar VF4 8 seater minibus:
  1. Firstly, a big inner volume and intelligent layout create the most spacious interior within the same vehicle segment.
  2. Secondly, 11 different seat configurations,19 storages, and compartments can cater to all kinds of different needs.
5). Kingstar VF4 8 seater family minibus is of high quality through a first-class production line

European and American first-class production-line systems

German quality management

A whole set of testing systems via Baoke USA

Severe testing

6). High quality / German level

62 German quality control systems

First time pass on Chinese crash test

100.000 km road durability test

Durable test and verification under the “3-highs” environment

Tough test on the famous brand test grounds

7). You can get high quality /safety protection from all the aspects in Kingstar VF4 8 seater minibus :
  • Kingstar VF4 8 seater minibus is constructed of a highly stiff FQTS car body and strengthened steel panel
  • Highly rigid structure and a unique design on the front door with two anti-crash steel beams, which form a protection system to ensure passengers safety
  • 5 core selling points of Kingstar VF4 8 seater family minibus:
  • German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines, and technology result in a superior quality product.
  • Equipped with a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel- consumption;
  • 4.5m³ interior volume, 690 kg load capacity, which is superior to this vehicle segment.
  • FQTS full-side safety protection, first-time pass of the crash test.
  • Anti-theft system controlled by a rolling code and car/remote control interaction; The only MPV with EPS electrical power-steering among all mainstream Family minibus.
  • Introduction of minibus factory:
  • R&D center: Family minibus factory owns individual R&D center: The R&D center including vehicle testing center, components, and electrical lab, style center; postdoctoral scientific and research workstation; energy-saving and safety testing center.
8). Craft Management System:

The stamping line of the family minibus adopts the advanced system of ABB, with KBS(Dual robot rail system). The first press-in punch line uses the system of DDC (dynamic driving chain). Body line: SKID circulate delivery system, Welding line: ABB Robot.

Painting line: Pretreatment electrophoresis: Swing rod chain; Drying furnace: U drying chamber; Spray paint system: Spraying robot by FANUC’s.

Assembly of minibus including the Trim line: FDS delivery system; Chassis line: FDS air friction delivery technology; Detection line and Baoke system from USA.



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