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Brief Introduction of 7 to 16 seater best new van (LHD)-Kingstar BD6:

What’s the definition of “minivan”? “Minivan” is a small coach bus which standard with comfortable seating, overhead and undercarriage storage compartments, and usually also with the same heavy-duty suspension of a full-sized coach bus. Moreover, the best new van can be outfitted with configurations such as WIFI, Air Conditioner, power outlets, DVD or TVs.

How many seats does a new van have?

Generally speaking, minivan seats are 8 to 30 seats. But Kingstar Best minivan offers more than that. We offer 7-8seats short wheel base, 7-8seats long wheel base. 11 seats minivan, 19-22seats minivan, 7-16 seats minivan, 9-23 seats minivan.

Classification of new van:

There are various kinds of classification of the new van. By the driving hand can be classified as left-hand driving and right-hand driving. By seat, it can be classified as 7-8 seat minivan, 9-23seats new van, 7-16seats new van, 19-22 seats minivan. I classify as the power type, there are diesel new van, gasoline minivan, electric minivan. There are more and more eyes on the new energy minivan for future development. Such as electric, solar power. In the future, the best minivan is giving you a better chance to travel around and get unbelievable experience than you would get in a car or SUV. With the new development of best minivan, the travel will definitely more interesting.

Standard 16 seater minivan is the best choice for sporting away days or getting groups of school children from one place to another with ease. The executive class looks to focus on professionalism and is an ideal vehicle for corporate meetings that require a presentable attitude. Thirdly, our luxury minibusses offer a wide range of glamorous features that are perfect for those looking to experience the heights of luxury travel.

Our standard 16 seaters new van is perfect for passengers who make getting from A to B their top priority. In most cases, we recommend this particular form of service to schools or sporting clubs that need to transport a group of children or sports players to their destination. The benefit of a 16 seater minivan is the added space you may require to carry a few extra materials for the sports event coming up, whilst also keeping everyone feeling comfortable and relaxed in preparation for the game.

new van
new van
new van
Note: ■= Standard; □=Optional;  -=Not available                        



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