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Brief introduction of Luxury minivan:

A luxury minivan is a small size minivan designed to enjoy the journey and totally relaxed when the passenger arrives. Compared with the normal minivan, luxury minivan always has a high-quality configuration, exterior or interior trim. Adjustable leather seats, more spacious and comfortable space for the passenger to have good rest, better air conditioner, and air circulatory system. Moreover, it is with a number of core technology support, high quality ergonomics set in one. The minivan provides a complete luxury travel solution, for a better journey better living, and better life.

Applications of Luxury minivan:

Luxury minivan is well known used in tourist, travel, hire area, self-drive. Because with the development of economy, people’s living standard is getting higher and higher. Also, people pay more attention to the quality of life. The luxury bus and car also getting more and more important in transit.

Kingstar Luxury minivan:

Kingstar exports several modes of the Luxury minivan, we are proud to offer exclusive wide ranges of minivans. This mode J6 is one of it. It has the economic type and luxury type, the configuration, and interior trim, or some of the parts are optional. We can also customize according to customer’s special requirements. Kingstar Y6 minivan is our elite minivan collection.

4. Features of Kingstar Y6 Luxury minivan

Firstly, the world-renowned Austrian ECS company provided this minivan with the whole system optimization review. Also adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking, etc.

Secondly, Monocoque body with the world-class electrophoresis production line. We can ensure this minivan skeleton works for 10 years without rust.

Thirdly, safety and performance testing under extreme conditions prove that this minivan can ensure reliability. It is including the hot region, plateau, and cold region.

From the exterior look, the Kingstar Y6 minivan is simple and fashionable, with stylish ingenuity. Adhering to the classic European commercial vehicle design and integrating Eastern aesthetics, our effort is to lead industrial craftsmanship and to build a model of superiority.

7-16 seater 5.9m long wheelbase luxury minivan-Kingstar Y6 - News - 8Fourthly, the aviation style of the Kingstar Y6 minivan gives you a warm and comfortable experience. Airline cabin design style. Both visual fashion beauty and user-friendly use, simple and generous control layout, clear function combination buttons, built-in 8-inch high-definition LCD screen, video, and audio entertainment, information, navigation, and other functions in one, so that you can freely ride at the same time, but also enjoy a comfortable control experience.

Fifthly, new design of Luxury minivan with logo-star diamond, Electrically adjustable, electric heating rearview mirror. Aluminum wheels, crystal diamond halogen headlights.

Kingstar Y6 Luxury minivan designed with multiple cares, and make every effort to safety. It is equipped with a new generation of ABS+EBD, a joint Delfauvais Kingstar customized ESC9.0 system. Moreover, it is with driver and co-pilot airbag, more high strength full bearing type body, multiple care for safety. Therefore, your business travels carefree in this Luxury minivan.

Finally, the airbag will protect you from the collision. ABS+EBD guarantees the stability of the vehicle in an emergency. The latest version ESC9.0 system in Kingstar Y6 minivan will bring more security for a variety of road conditions.

Aviation warm and comfortable style is the original idea of design for this Y6 Luxury minivan:

Aviation cabining the beauty of visual fashion and usage humanization, simple and elegant keys in the multifunctional control layout. It is with the 8-inch high-definition LCD screen inserted for combination glance for audio and video entertainment, information, navigation. Also, it is with other functions in one, free your drive with comfortable control experience.

7-16 seater 5.9m long wheelbase luxury minivan-Kingstar Y6 - News - 8Safety of Y6 Luxury minivan: Multiple care, secure your drive.

The new generation of Y6 minivan adopting ABS+EBD, ESC9.0 system from Delphi specially developed for Eurise; the driver and co-driver airbags; higher intensity full monocoque body; multiple times to care for safety secure your whole way.

Derived from the world-class, this Luxury minivan installed a Y8 engine, matching the international-advanced intelligent electronically controlled fuel injection system from Bosch, the engine provides surging power continuously. The maximum power of the minivan is 120KW, and maximum torque can reach 360N.m. 100km combined road fuel consumption of about 9L, the engine achieves the perfect balance between power and fuel consumption.

Gearbox of Y6 minivan:

Austrian ECS chassis design and review; six-speed manual gearbox; six-speed gearbox gear shift rapidly clear, Ensure a strong power engine; ever fount transmission to the wheel.

High strength safety load-carrying body can effectively absorb collision energy and protect the driver and passengers.



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