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7-11 Seater Van of Model VC5 from KINGSTAR Automobile Manufacturer

11 seater van is a small box-shaped minivan with a maximum 11 seat number. It is with seats in the back for carrying passengers or goods. The seat is removable and the seat number can be customized according to customer request. Also, some of the configurations such as the windows. 11 seater van is larger than a station wagon in space. It is typically with side or rear windows and rear seats that can be removed for hauling small loads.

11 seater van
11 seater van

The benefits of 7-11 seater van from automobile manufacturer:

The 11 seater van has so many benefits which enable it to become one of the most favorable modes of a minivan for big family use. The ample space, enough storage and seating condition, as well as the sliding door. It is a better option if you are taking a small group of people.

11 seater van
11 seater van
1. 11 seater van is really functional:

For a big family with more than 6 family members, you will always find difficulties in group activities. When you want to go out with your family member for climbing hill, for hiking, skiing. You will find there is no space to carry any of your activities supplies. You may need to drive two cars to carry your family member and supplies. While, in the case of 11 seater van, you will have no worries about the storage space, which many minivans tend to have a highly generous amount of.
You will be totally no need to worry about no space with an 11 seater van.
This is the same situation as for a small business. It is really functional and practical for having an 11 seater van. Even in cases, if you find space is not enough, you can simply fold the back rows of seats. This enlarges the storage space simply and efficiently.

2. 11 seater van is very economical:

Firstly, it is economical when you buy it. Compare with a three-row SUV, a minivan can save you about $8000 or more when you buy it. If compare with luxury SUVs and luxury minivans, you can save over $20,000.
Secondly, it is economical for running cost. 11 seater van is much lower maintenance needs and much higher fuel efficiency. Also according to the accident calculation, minivan rarely show up in the crash situation. Thus, it is cheaper in insurance cost.

Siding door design enables people easy to get in and out of

Sliding doors and low profile enable the children and disabled persons easy to get in and out of.
Just imagine it, when you with full hand things, and your minivan is packing in a cramped space. If your minivan has powered sliding doors, it will be easier for you to get in the van and set free your hands. Even you parked the minivan in an inclined position, you can also easily get in by press the button.

3. More comfortable experience for long time travel:

In an 11 seater van, passengers do not push and squeeze next to each other. Instead, they can comfortably sit for hours with ample space to stretch out their legs. Moreover, because you often have enough space for luggage, your passengers will rarely find themselves having to struggle with any additional load that exceeds the cargo hold capacity.

4. Excellent Utility

While most minivans are not designed to be off-road vehicles, they can still get by nicely on the less demanding tracks, such as gravel trails and dirt roads.

5. Good safety performance:

Because of its lower center of gravity, the minivan has good safety performance in road stability. The lower profile also helps in reducing the impact of a collision. Adaptive cruise control, rear-view camera, pre-collision safety system, lane assist, as well as emergency brake assist. All these factors further enhanced safety.

Features of VC5 11 seater minivan:

a. VC5 11 seater van adopting advanced electrophoretic coating production line to make anti-corrosion performance higher.
b. McPherson independent front suspension and five-leaf springs rear suspension to making high carrying capacity.
c. The modular space design maximizing the utilization of limited space and meeting the different demands for driving, seating, and loading. The seating capacity could be 11 persons.
d. High-efficiency engine, more powerful, and more fuel saving.

Specifications of VC5 11 seater minivan:

11 seater van

Note: ■= Standard □ = Optional – =Not available

1. Brief Introduction of KINGSTAR:

KINGSTAR VEHICLE COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2004 and has been engaged in the automobile export business ever since, with all staff having rich experience in automobile production and export.
The major range of vehicles covers VAN, BUS, TRUCK, MPV, SUV, PICKUP and EV (Electric vehicle), which are suitable and sellable in overseas market.
KINGSTAR gets various honors from Manufacturers, such as Automobile Export Contribution Medal, best outstanding Overseas Distributor Medal, best Overseas Promotion Medal.
KINGSTAR has a very professional team including a sales team to meet the various needs of customers at any time, and the shipping department will arrange delivery for customers faster and more economically. After-sales service department could have customer no worries about the quality issue.



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