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50 units Factory Car of KINGSTAR 20 Seater Bus Ship To Peru for Operation

Recently, Peruvian dealers purchased 50 units 20 seater bus and now these smart 20 seater bus have arrived at Shanghai Port ready for shipment. From the first batch of 4 unit sample exported to Peru at the beginning of year 2010, the total sales of minibus in Peru has exceeded 1000 units till May 2012.


20 seater was enter in the Peruvian market for more than four years, including short, medium and long wheelbase commercial or passenger minibus. The minibus brings a comfortable and large space; a variety of seat layout designs can meet different travel needs of various customer groups such as business cars, group trips, intercity traveling, and company trips. For meeting the market’s passenger transport demands, passenger luggage rack to ensure the passenger’s comfort while not occupying space for luggage storage. This 20 seater bus meets the international advanced level in terms of safety, fuel consumption, vibration, noise, comfort, and controllability. This model mainly includes logistics van series,minibus series, school bus series and various special-purpose car series. With excellent quality, superb technology and diversified uses, this model has won a high reputation in the local market. The market demand is huge and the sales volume is increasing year by year.

There is good development momentum of domestic automobile consumption in Peru

According to the survey, Peru’s new car sales reached 178,000 in 2012, an increase of 23% over 2011. Since 2010, sales of new cars in Peru have increased significantly for 3 years. Considering on the good development momentum of domestic automobile consumption in Peru, in order to meet the sales demand of 19-seat vans from the market, KINGSTAR’s factory and Peruvian dealers are currently preparing for furthe cooperation. The annual sales volume is exceed 300 units. This will be further expand the sales of this 16 to minibus in overseas markets.

Actually, after several years of domestic preparation, 16 to 20 seater bus have gradually become familiar to the public.

KINGSTAR factory have received continuous support from all walks of life to order in domestic market:

  • From 2009, Beijing Shouqi Group has purchased this minibus in large quantities for many times. It is mainly running in the Beijing and Hainan markets.
  • From 2010 to 2011, the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China repeatedly purchased this minibus exceeded 200 units. The General Administration of Customs has very strict requirements on the performance of official vehicles. As well as the qualifications of the supplier. The purchase of this minibus by the General Administration of Customs has proved that the extraordinary performance of the 20 seater bus manufacturer in terms of production quality and craftsmanship.
  • In 2010, South African customer chose this minibus to serve the South African World Cup football match. All the minibus successfully completed the tasks of transporting athletes and logistical without any problem. It was highly praised by World Cup participants and upgrade the brand’s international reputation.
  • In September 2010, it is the VIP service minibusfor the World Expo. It successfully completed the transportation task of the World Expo.
  • In June 2011, KINGSTAR’s factory donated 40 barrier-free vehicles for the 4th National Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled.

The key of this 16 to minibus model being continuously favored by all parties lies in its excellent quality and excellent after-sales service. This 20 seater bus has not only opened a new world in domestic market, but also has become well-known overseas. This 20 seater bus model has been sold to many countries. Such as Bolivia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Myanmar and other countries. Moreover even CKD assembly plants setted up overseas. This 20 seater bus model represented by KINGSTAR is rapidly and comprehensively cover the international markets.



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