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Recently, the second batch of 22 seater minibus for sale to South America finished in the production line. During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, the factory “prevents the epidemic and stabilizes production”. At the same time, we ensure the 22 seater minibus for sale delivered on time.

22 seater minibus

The 1st launch of this 22 seater minibus for sale in May 2017. Since then, this minibus has gained wide recognition in overseas markets. This gives a deep impression for overseas consumers with high-quality, high-performance, and economical business operation experience. In November last year, this 7.5m minibus to the South American market. With its differentiated product positioning strategy and excellent product quality, this minibus evoked a strong response as soon as it was launched in South America. The first batch was sold out within a month and became a popular star in the South American market. The good situation for this 22 seater minibus for sale in the market has also strengthened the confidence between our factory and dealer in long-term and large-scale cooperation. The two parties successfully finalized the second-order of more than 40 units of the minibus.

Kingstar struggled to move forward rapidly in this special period of time. Moreover, we work together with customers in different countries to have mutual improvements.

At the beginning of this year, affected by the pneumonia epidemic, the global economy has inevitably stagnated and even declined. The huge uncertainty has caused companies from all over the world to reduce costs and reduce the business scale. International trade and export businesses are facing great downside risks. In this situation, our factory and South American customers decided to seize opportunities from risks. Moreover, expand their product lines to the market in the condition of the hot sales momentum of the first batch of 22 seater minibus for sale in the market.

Before recovering from work, the factory and South American customers deeply analyzed the product situation of the competing products in the market. Combined with the product characteristics of this model, and bring both of the 6m and 7.5m models for different users for the market, so as to further seize the market. This cooperation for the 22 seater minibus for sale in the market embarks on a new journey.

South America is the new site for this model minibus to the global market after the sale to many countries. Such as Eritrea, Jordan, Angola, Nigeria, the United States, and Uzbekistan. It is also a breakthrough for this model minibus to open the South American market. With brand concept of “customer satisfaction is our aim”, the factory will gradually introduce more high-quality minibus to the market.



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