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2021 best minivan VW5 as food carts brings more benefit for business

Kingstar VW5 is one of the classic modes of 11 seater minibus. And it is one of the 2021 best minivan for the markets. The VW5 is a multipurpose car, it could be in the type of minibus for passenger-carrying. Also could be in the type of logistic van, police car, ambulance, post van, and also snack car. Here let us to introduce you the 2021 best minivan VW5 as a snack car.

2021 best minivan

In order to promote economic development, the Chinese government greatly supports and guides the stalled economy.

Especially under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, a snack car-like VW5 can help everyone to start a business easily. You only need to set up a stall in the specified area then could start selling. With the policy encouragement, the stalled economy suddenly became popular in China these years. For overseas markets, such an economical and practical snack car like our VW5 will be the best choice for everyone to start a business. Surely the VW5 will be the 2021 best minivan for your business.

KINGSTAR VW5 is low in price, for purpose of passenger carrying and also cargo carrying. Moreover, VW5 can be upgraded to be a small truck, which is very practical and capable of cargo carrying.

The VW5 has a dimension of 4490×1610×1900mm, wheelbase of 3050mm, and cargo compartment space reach 5.2 square meters. It could be converted into a type cargo van, mini-truck, and box truck with side panels openable. It is small and light, and the load space is also satisfactory.

Moreover, the left and right side doors and rear doors of this minivan VW5 are at an angle of 85 degrees. The lower side panel is with hooks that can be used flat. Also with strong bearing capacity and expanding the area of the cargo platform. What’s more, the great bright point for this minivan VW5 is the electric push rod of the snack car is with a gas spring configuration. And only need to switch one-button then could easily open the compartment to sell the goods.

2021 best minivan

2021 best minivan VW5 Advantage :

It is a Multi-functional food van, especially in the type of truck, with various equipment for cook and sells food. KINGSTARVW5 could be in a type of mobile snack truck, tea truck, ice cream truck, coffee shop, food van. KINGSTAR could also customize this truck according to the customer’s specific requirements. The 2021 best minivan VW5 could be widely used in daily necessities sales, fruit, and vegetable sales. With the unique advantage of flexibility and attractiveness, KINGSTAR 2021 best minivan VW5 will brings more benefit for your business, with strong liquidity and a high degree of attention in the market.

2021 best minivan

Various equipment available for KINGSTAR 2021 best minivan VW5:Customer can choose the VW5 model in type minibus, cargo van, mini-truck, box truck, and so on.

Firstly, any kind of equipment can be equipped in the truck according to customer need. Such as water sink, refrigerator, steamer, fruit juice machine, fryer, ice cream machine, popcorn machine, hamburger machine, BBQ grill, hot dog machine, coffee maker, etc.

Secondly, KINGSTAR 2021 best minivan VW5 will brings more benefit for your business, with strong liquidity and a high degree of attention in the market.



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