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We have shipped over 800 units 20 seater minibus to Peru since 2018.

20 seater minibus

Then the maintenance of 20 seater minibus is very important. Such as Air filter maintenance.

The following is maintenance about air filter.

The function of the air filter is to filter out the dust and impurities in the ambient air entering the engine. This is to ensure that the air in the cylinder is clean. At the same time to reduce the wear between the cylinder and the piston, the piston group itself. As well as the parts of the valve group.

The air filter used in 20 seater minibus engines is generally dry. Also, its filter element is high-quality filter paper that has undergone strict resin treatment. It is generally made into a corrugated shape to provide a large filtering area and is replaceable.

The air inlet of the air filter is generally connected to the pre-filter through a pipe. Moreover, the air outlet is connected to the pressure inlet of the turbocharger through a pipe.

After the air filter is used for a certain period of time, the filter element will become dirty. Also, the air intake resistance of the air filter will increase. When the air intake resistance of the air filter increases to 6.25kpa or more, the engine will become an insufficient air supply that will cause problems such as exhaust smoke and insufficient power.

Use and maintenance of air filter for 20 seater minibus:

It is absolutely forbidden for the engine to work without an air filter or when the air filter has failed.

The user can judge the blockage of the air filter by observing the air resistance indicator installed on the intake pipe behind the air filter. When the indicator window of the air resistance indicator changes from green to red under normal conditions. It indicates the filter The air intake resistance of the cleaner exceeds the limit value. Also, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If there is no air resistance indicator on the air filter, check it regularly and clean or replace it according to the level of dust in the ambient air.

20 seater minibus

1) Road vehicles that work under special conditions with high ambient air content, such as mining vehicles.

After driving 2500-5000 kilometers (if the ambient air has low dust content, it can be extended appropriately)

2) Non-vehicle engines (such as generator sets, etc.)

After working for 100-200h (if the ambient air has low dust content, it can be appropriately extended).

3) Once the air filter is clogged, stop the machine to clean or replace the air filter element immediately. Then reset it by pressing the rubber plug at the end of the air resistance indicator.

Note: This component must be replaced in strict accordance with the instructions. And use the matching original filter element of the same model; avoid air leakage and short circuit during assembly, otherwise, it will cause power drop and early wear. The correct use and maintenance of the air filter can ensure and extend the service life of the engine.



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