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Do you like electric 2 mini bus with superior quality and big loading capacity?

What’s your expectant about electric 2 mini bus?  Superior quality, big loading capacity, superior safety protection, fast charging, long constant speed range, energy-efficient, and different seating capacity 2 seats & 5 seats.  Do you like this kind of minivan?  It is from KINGSTAR EVF4 electric version. Let’s know more.

2 mini bus

1. Superior quality

German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines, and technology result in a superior quality product.

2. Big loading capacity

4.5 m³ interior volume, reinforced leaf spring to make loading more and earn more.

3.  Superior safety protection

Full-load reinforced cage body design, super strong anti-collision steel beam, double anti-collision beam indoor, it improves vehicle collision avoidance.

The skeleton of the electric 2 mini bus adopts Baosteel B340LAT 2.0 high-strength steel. Body thickness is better than competing products.  Multiple safe designs to guarantee travel safety.  Furthermore, it was passed the crash test at the first time.

Anti-theft system controlled by a rolling code and car/remote control interaction;

The only MPV with EPS electronic power-steering among all mainstream Minivans

4. Fast charging, long constant speed range and energy efficient

There are two types of battery storage, 21.8kwh, and 32.7kwh.  For 32.7kwh, it is LFP type, charging time for fast is 45min to reach 20-80% power.  The constant speed range per 60km/h is 235km.  Power consumption is 16 degrees/100 kilometers.  The electric 2 mini bus saves more than 80% of that use cost compared with the same type of fuel vehicle.

5. 2 seats and 5 seats type for choice

2 mini bus
2 mini bus

Here is a specification for your reference.

Overall size (mm): 4071 (L) * 1677 (W) * 1902 (H)    

Wheelbase (mm): 2700     

Curb Weight (kg): ≤1240 and ≤1284

Gross Weight (kg):      ≤2270 and ≤2350

Seats No. (person):    2 or 5 seats

Total Battery Storage (kwh):     21.8 and 32.7

Max. Speed(km/h):     ≥70

Energy Density of Battery System (wh/kg)     : ≥125Wh/kg

Max. Range of Pure Electricity (km, VMAS):  ≥150 and ≥220

60km/h Constant Speed Range (km):     ≥166 and ≥230

Charging Time    

Slow Charge 6h (20-100%) and Slow Charge 8-9h (20-100%)

Fast Charge 45min (20-80%) and Fast Charge 45min (20-80%)

Battery Type: LFP

Motor Type:  Permanent Magnet, Synchronous   

What’s your comment about the electric 2 mini bus?  Please contact us to get more communication.



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