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Our Car Manufacturing Factory Has 17 Seater Minibuses On Hot Sale

In Oct 2013, KINGSTAR shipped the first batch 10 units 17 seater minibuses to Bolivia.

17 seater minibuses

In Bolivia, this BUS is in great demand, with annual sales exceeding 20,000 units. There many Chinese brands have exclusive distributors and their sales are excellent.

17 seater minibuses

As an export company with over 20 years of export experience, KINGSTAR has also achieved good results of 17 seater minibuses in Bolivia. Since 2013, the first batch of 10 units minibuses has been exported. Then a batch is shipping out every month. At the beginning, we had multiple regular dealers for minibuses. And then slowly, we chose a dealer with the best sales as our exclusive agent. This makes it easier to manage the local export business. And our cooperation with this exclusive agent is also very successful. The sales continue to rise steadily, our market share continues to rise. Consequently, more and more customers recognize our brand and recognize us KINGSTAR. That’s why customer continue to choose our 17 seater minibuses models and services.

17 seater minibuses is a very successful model in Bolivia

With continuous development, the competition of this model 17 seater minibuses is becoming more and more fierce. Especially the price, that makes us continue to improve features and adjust the price according to market requirements and configuration. We continue to improve and improve the configuration, and constantly optimize the price.

This model is mostly used for public transportation, used for transportation between urban and rural areas and public transportation in urban areas. For buses between urban and rural areas, because the countrymen need to carry a lot of luggage when entering the city, the vehicle has to carry people while also carrying goods. In order to save space, we came up with a good way to install one on the roof luggage rack. In this way, luggage can be placed on the roof of the car, which can greatly use the vehicle space, and greatly increase the utilization rate and economic efficiency

This unique design has allowed us to increase sales while receiving praise from customers. We KINGSTAR provide different services according to the needs of the market and customers to meet the various requirements of customers

So the model 17 seater minibuses is a very successful model in Bolivia.



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