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When you are looking for a small minibus for transportation in a small city or town or the community, our W6 17 seat minibus will be a good choice for you.

W6 series minibus has three body lengths for selection: 5.5 meters, 6 meters, and 6.8 meters. It is with seats ranging from 9 seats to 26 seats.

Our W6 17 seat minibus manufacturer is a large manufacturing joint venture. It is specialized in the design and manufacture of a public bus, refit truck, sightseeing car, engine, and auto parts for more than 30 years. KINGSTAR W6 supply with a series of “low cost but high value” products. And it is one of the top 20 biggest auto companies in China.

Here the 17 seat minibus putting into market features great bright points:

Firstly, it has a rich configuration, graceful modeling, safety side glass windows, capacious space, and excellent noise-proof. As well as sufficient practicality. KINGSTAR minibus is a universal model that gives consideration to businesses and logistical use. The minibus is suitable for short and medium-distance passenger transportation, tourism, and community transportation. It could be used as a taxi and a public city bus also. The suitable body size makes this minibus a great advantage for running in the narrow aisle.

17 seat minibus

Secondly, the 17 seat minibus could be with one passenger door, also could be with two passenger doors. It will be very suitable for city bus for public transportation:

17 seat minibus

Thirdly, the W6 minibus could be with various kinds of seats and layouts for meeting different transportation purposes: Fabric seats/ leather seats, PVC seats, bench seats. Maximum loading for the W6 6.8meter minibus even could reach 26 persons (including the driver).

17 seat minibus

The minibus has many advantages as below:

KINGSTAR 17 seat minibus: less fuel consumption for saving cost, various models for selection, and suitable prices for meeting different customer demand. Stable quality and excellent fuel efficiency, make the minibus playing an important role in passenger transportation.

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