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Autos Factory Arranged The Shipment of 15 Seat Minibus to Bolivia

In May 2018, the autos factory has arranged 8 units 15 seat minibus shipped to Bolivia.

15 seat minibus
15 seat minibus
15 seat minibus

While strengthening its after-sales services, KINGSTAR has also been making relentless efforts to diversify its product line, innovate its marketing strategies, and upgrade its technologies. In addition, by taking full advantage of the internet, it has been improving its online services and providing long-distance diagnostic services for its customers.

In Bolivia, the number of KINGSTAR 15 seat minibuses in operation has exceeded 1,50 units. On the back of its state-of-art technologies. Such as ITS, the bus maker provides more travel comforts and convenience to local citizens.

KINGSTAR 15 seat minibus is fully committed to providing more convenient and more comfortable travel services for people across the globe. In addition, it has been seeking new ways to localize its products. Its production and its marketing better suit customers’ special needs and requirements. Take Bolivia, for example, KINGSAR has introduced a special engine on its light bus to suit the local fuels.

These buses are economical and comfortable, and bring an excellent experience to local users.

In the subsequent after-sales service, KINGSTAR will be more attentive to service quality and improve higher-level service quality.

further strengthening its presence in the local market. It has established long-term cooperative ties with our dealers. We also hope that customers will give back more information so that we can do more targeted and specific.



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