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12 seater to 16 seaters small van vehicle (LHD & RHD) -KINGSTAR BX-3

Van vehicle culture gap:

There’s a potato’s distance between the American Van vehicle and what we call MPV:

Demand and use create differences in the market, and these differences accumulate over time into a kind of sediment called culture, which is interesting to dig into. So much can be said about the evolution of the MPV that it needs to turn back to the glory days of Lee Iacocca in 1982, a peaceful time when American industry continued to soar and living standards continued to rise. The American people’s demand for cars was growing. At that time, they favor the big size car, and this kind of vehicle get its own name—“van vehicle”.

It is very close to what we say “MPV”. The van in van vehicle refers to the vehicle with both functions of carrying passengers and cargo. This meets the unique needs of the American people. They are bigger, more capable of carrying, hauling more people, and carrying a lot of luggage when fully loaded. All the designs are based on utility.

van vehicle
van vehicle

This comes to the point; the old American conception of design is totally the same as ours. Everything is practical.

As we know that, as the baby boomer started their families. Many families with multiple children, mostly three children to five children. The mummy or daddy often driving the whole family to the supermarket, or to the park, or to everywhere else they want. Imagine a large group of children jumping into the car, the younger ones are anxious to even scratch and crawl after the elder brothers and sisters. And in the car, they are playing, noisy and happy. What a wonderful family!

At this moment, if the car is of a little bit small size, children will feel not comfortable.

Before the van vehicle comes out. Americans solve the problem with the full-size wagon. This kind of car is basically the same as today’s car, but bigger and longer with two rows of seats(the front driver seat and the passenger seat are all one-piece benches), each row can seat three people. If you want to take more people, you can add another row of seats in the compartment, the passenger can reach up to nine people.

While comparing with the full-size wagon, van vehicle comes out with its own advantages. It is shorter, more vertical space, more convenient to bustle around in the car. It can be full of people also plenty of storage space in the back.

These are far not enough. Considering that most of the drivers are family mummies, women and younger children get in and out of the car. So the vehicle’s floor should not be too high, and sliding doors easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The whole car must be easier to drive. It should have the heavy feeling of the van, it should carry more people. The passenger seats should be adjustable for more space.

Kingstar BX-3 12 to 16 seater van vehicle Basic Information:

BX-3 series has two types of van vehicle exterior and three kinds of the front face.

Seat adjustable range:12~16 seats; left-hand driving and right-hand driving are optional;

5053 × 1700 × 2240; 5280 × 1700 × 2240; Diesel engine, Emission Euro 4. (Details Please kindly see parameter tables.)

van vehicle

 A minimum of 12 seats can be arranged for the Kingstar BX-3 minibus and the maximum is 16 seats.  Multiple body styles and options available. Left-hand driving and right-hand driving both are available. There are Semi-high roof and high-roof two choices. Three different front face designs: 2014 front face design; 2018 front face design and 2010 front face design. Two over dimensions: 5053 × 1700 × 2240 (2018 front face design); 5280 × 1700 × 2240 (2010 front face and 2014 front face design). It is 4 cylinders in line, Diesel Engine, Turbocharger. The emission standard is Euro 4. Manual Transmission with 5 speed ahead and 1-speed reverse. Wheelbase 2890mm with max speed more than 115 Km/h, Rated power: 70Kw/3600rpm, Max torque: 225N.m/2600rpm. For more details on parameter and configuration please refer to the following details tables.

Kingstar BX-3 16 seater minibus is an economic minibus which price is very reasonable. Air conditional can be optional, it can be reduced to 300USD without an air conditioner.
van vehicle
 BX-3 12-16 seats minibus (LHD & RHD) Euro 4



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