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In May 2017, 70 Kingstar PLUTO 12 seater bus for sale arrived at Tianjin Port, ready to be shipped to Bolivia. This marked the first large-scale shipment of Kingstar’s 12 minibusses to overseas markets.

12 seater bus for sale

All 70 units of light 12 seater bus for sale is classic models. While ensuring that vehicles arrive safely at the terminal, we must also do a good job in the follow-up service requirements of customers and the market.

12 seater bus for sale

This customer has just started a new cooperation with our Kingstar. The first order quantity reached 70 units 12 seater bus for sale. In addition to the recognition of our Kingstar service, they are also satisfied with our price.

In 2019, Kingstar’s sales in Bolivia increased by 50% year-on-year, most of which were 12-seater buses. This year, we will continue to strengthen its business.

Kingstar has deepened our understanding of local customer needs.

After several rounds of in-depth investigations, we Kingstar have deepened our understanding of local customer needs and passenger preferences. Therefore, we further optimized the design of its vehicles. We have introduced special solutions in areas such as the stability of the chassis, the power performance of the engine, the number of seats on the bus, and the paint of each car. The 12-seater minibusses are specially for the Bolivian market and the power is from new engines suitable for local fuels. The minibus uses particularly durable and comfortable materials to install 12-15 seats to provide passengers with more travel comfort.

In 2020, due to the Covid-19, sales in overseas markets have shrunk severely. We at Kingstar focus on efforts to improve internal marketing capabilities, externally continue to strengthen cooperation with customers and provide customers with all possible services. For example, we used to collect payment before shipment, but now we collect payment after shipment, which greatly extends the capital turnover cycle for customers. Greatly provide customers with convenience and support. It also greatly enhances the trust and cooperation of our customers.



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