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Car Trader Has Shipped 100 units 12 Seater Minibus Taxi to Peru

April 20, 2011, is a special day for KINGSTAR. 100 units KINGSTAR 12 seater minibus taxi are neatly lined up on the vast yard of Tianjin Xingang Wharf, waiting for shipment to Peru.

Peru is located in the western part of South America, bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Chile to the south, Bolivia to the southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Peru’s transportation is mainly by road, water transportation is well developed, and foreign trade mainly depends on maritime transportation.

KINGSTAR has well business cooperation with Peruvian customers

Firstly, Peru is one of China’s main trading partners in Latin America. In recent years, bilateral trade volume has increased significantly and investment cooperation has continued to advance. In such a good international cooperation environment, KINGSTAR has well business cooperation with Peruvian customers and the number of minibus exportation to Peru has also increased year by year.

Secondly, among the exportation of KINGSTAR different models, the 12 seater minibus taxi takes the most important role and becomes the No.one hot sale model in the export vehicles to Peru. This model minibus, like the Japanese minibus model, with the functions of transportation for passenger and cargo; and is small body size is good at passability. Such minibus has a huge market share. As one of the domestic exporters that can supply such 12 seater minibus taxis, KINGSTAR has tailor-made the minibus based on the special requirement from the Peruvian market and the characteristics of users.

The number of this minibus running in Peru has reached nearly 1000 units.

Firstly, KINGSTAR had delivered the first batch of 6 units 12 seater minibus taxis to Peru at the beginning of the 2009 year. Then, batches order of 20 units, 30 unit, and even 60 units continuously got into the market. This time the main order of 100 units 12 seater minibus taxi refreshing its historical record. After KINGSTAR minibus entered Peru, the number of this minibus running in Peru has reached nearly 1000 units. It making this model one of the leading bus brands in the local market.

Secondly, the biggest advantage of this minibus model is its small size and good passability. It can freely shuttle in the streets and alleys. Usually, it can basically enter the place where the sedan cars can pass. KINGSTAR 12 seater minibus taxi model currently exported to Peru has 4960mm in length and 5260mm in length. Its body width 1700mm. It is suitable for use on narrow urban roads. In addition, this minibus has much capacious space than the small 8-seater minibus in length 4 meters.

The KINGSTAR 12 seater minibus taxi is with 12 seats to 16 seats. 16 seats could meet the maximum passenger capacity and achieve the greatest economic benefits for the operator. The seat for this 12 seater minibus taxi is with fabric material. It is soft for comfort, and all seats are with seat belts to make the passenger safe.

12 seater minibus taxi

In addition, adjustable air-conditioning outlets ensure that passengers in every position in the minibus have a comfortable experience.

This mode is popular

This 12 seater minibus taxi is popular as passenger transportation in Peru. For the operating company, it has a small investment, a large profit, very economical and durable model. It now currently is one of the hot-selling models in Peru. It could customize, made specialize for meeting the market requirement. Therefore, it successfully won the praise from Peruvian KINGSTAR 12 seater minibus taxi gain a foothold in the local market. KINGSTAR closely cooperates with local distributors to set up 4S stores and parts warehouses with sales outlets in many cities. Good after-sales service has made KINGSTAR minibus more and more popular in the market and brings many customers.



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