2-11 seater minibus

11 seater minibus is the main product in our product list.

The other name of the minibus is mini-coach or microbus. It is a passenger-carrying motor vehicle purposed to carry more people than a small multi-purpose vehicle. In many countries, the word “minibus” is describing all the full-sized panel trucks and passenger-carrying minibus. Basically speaking, the seating capacity of the minibus is various which normally between 8 to 30 seats. While comparing with the full-size bus, minibus carries fewer people. As its name, 11 seater minibus is a minibus with 11 seats which is well known as the best vehicle for big family use. Different from 9 seater minibus, the 11 seater minibus normally has a single front passenger seat.

Besides 11 seater minibus, How many seats does a mini-bus have? Generally speaking, mini-bus seats are 8 to 30 seats. While Kingstar Mini-bus offers more than that. We offer 7-8seats short wheelbase, 7-8seats long wheelbase. 11 seat mini-bus, 19-22 seat mini-bus, 7-16 seat mini-bus, and 9-23 seats mini-bus.

Kingstar minibus is a customer-oriented company. We have rich expertise. We are in a unique position to serve markets for special products. Moreover, we are one of the leaders and creators of innovation in China’s automotive modification industry. We have unmatched skills and expertise to build technologically advanced minibusses. Many satisfied customers find the Kingstar minibus solution very customer-oriented, user-friendly, efficient, and high quality. We are very proud of our record of customer care. We highly value our customers. From their satisfaction feedback, Kingstar minibus is a reputable, quality organization with an unparalleled and proven track record.